Welcome to the (new) website of schuetzenhofer.de

The Main-menu at the top of your screen

  • leads you quick and comfortable to the some important pages, the general terms and conditions, about our privacy, the shipping-costs, the entrance to the forum, the about-page, possibilities to contact us and the search-engines.

In the left area you find

  • within Cars & Batteries the links to the (even old) info-sites of the particular cars.
    Bit by bit they also will be renew.
  • As soon as you entered the eShop, the Shopping Cart and the Product-Catalogs will be displayed above, so you can easily navigate to the individual products.

The middle area is the main info-area

  • there you can see the content of the proper page, common pages, catalog groups or product details - everything you selected in the menu.

In the right area you find

  • at the top the Language-switcher, which brings you exactly to the same page, even only in another language.
  • above Zoom, the possibility to change the font-size to your individual requirements.
  • Within the User-Menu you can see your most important data stored by us we need for a smoothly order handling.
    Do My acount you can change it - i.e. your username or your password - and do log out you can leave schuetzenhofer.de proper.
  • Within My Watchlist you can memorize products (for futher usage). My Watchlist is only visible to you.
  • Within My Bookmarks you can memorize every page of this website to navigate easily to it on your next visit. My Bookmarks is only visible to you.

Have fun on schuetzenhofer.de

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