1. schuetzenhofer.de is free of trackers

We didn't use Google Analytics or similar service to track data communication. We solely use Drupal build-in logging-mechanisms.
We didn't use Google AdSense or similar online-service for advertising.
We have no link-buttons to social networks on our pages, nether hidden nor invisible, which serve unauthorized spy-out of our users.
We didn't use PayPal or other payment services. Do you ever read the GTC (General terms and conditions) of PayPal?
schuetzenhofer.de is hosted by a personal known provider of us, who has no (and will never have) agreements or contracts with intelligence services or other governmental or private organizations or firms.

2. schuetzenhofer.de ist free of advertisments

Therefore there are no parts of the website which are out of our control - where an unauthorized user-logging could performed.

3. Your privacy

The protection of privacy is a basic right in the European Union.
We use the transmitted data only for the earmarked procedure of your order. In no case we hand your private date to a foreign firm or organization without your explicit accordance.
Information about special sales, new products or common news we only sent to your eMail, if we have received your permission - and you can cancel this every time.
You have the right to obtain information about your data saved by us. You can request this information by facsimile, by phone, by letter or by eMail to info@schuetzenhofer.de. You'll receive the data by letter. Information by phone are not possible due of privacy rules. Also you have the right of correction, inhibit or deletion of your data.

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